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Drive-Away Dolls - Music From The Motion Picture
Carter Burwell
Catalogue Number
Release Date
10 Mai 2024

Mutant, in partnership with Back Lot Music and Focus Features, are proud to present the physical release of the soundtrack to DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS, featuring a score by EMMY® Award- winning composer Carter Burwell.

The soundtrack also features songs by The Liverbirds, Le Tigre, Linda Ronstadt, Kennelmus, Longstocking, Asie Payton, Lizzie Mercier Descloux, Joyce Harris & The Daylighters, as well as a newly re-imagined version of Shannon Shaw’s “Cryin' My Eyes Out (Lyin' Beside You)” with updated lyrics written for the film.

Carter Burwell is a genius, and his decades long collaboration with Ethan Coen is an impressive legacy. His score to Drive-Away Dolls fits perfectly into this canon. The physical release is complete with a soundtrack that's a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, a little bit Disco and a little bit queer. Its the perfect mixtape for this roadtrip."

Carter Burwell adds that "if you’re expecting the usual lesbian road-trip crime-thriller sex-comedy score, you won’t be disappointed."

Side A Peanut Butter – The Liverbirds Eau D’Bedroom Dancing – Le Tigre Alley Attack – Carter Burwell Beating Curlie – Carter Burwell Chief Chewed Out – Carter Burwell

Side B Long Long Time – Linda Ronstadt Patti’s Dream – Kennelmus Never Nowhere – Longstocking Best Men Marion Walks – Carter Burwell Billboard – Carter Burwell The Trunk – Carter Burwell

Side C Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt I Love You – Asie Payton Fire – Lizzy Mercier Descloux Night Watch – Carter Burwell Little Marion Spies – Carter Burwell Forced Entry – Carter Burwell From Hand to Hand – Carter Burwell

Side D The Shower – Carter Burwell A Full Day – Carter Burwell Hers and Hers – Carter Burwell Cryin’ My Eyes Out (Lyin’ Beside You) – Shannon Shaw I Got My Mojo Working – Joyce Harris & the Daylighters

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