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X-Men '97 - Original Soundtrack
The Newton Brothers
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 6, 2024
  • Vinyl Mutant Exclusive

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    2x 140gm X-Cornetto Vinyl

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    Estimated release date: September 6, 2024

Mutant, in partnership with Hollywood Records and Marvel Studios are proud to present The Newton Brothers' score to the hit animated series X-Men '97

The highly anticipated revival of the long-dormant and seminal animated series is as fun, thoughtful and emotionally charged as the original run, while being matured slightly for an audience that has aged since its last episode nearly thirty years ago. But matching the energy, tone of the original was dependent on nailing the sound, and that clearly was top of mind for the series composers The Newton Brothers.

The Newton Brothers have produced an incredibly dynamic collection of music - from tackling the implications of serious political allegories, deep emotional truths, all while still embracing the fantastical surprises present in this universe (such as being sucked into a video game). X-Men '97 proves you can tackle legacy work in creative and original ways.

Pressed on 2x 140 gram Mutant webstore exclusive Cornetto color vinyl, and featuring artwork by Phantom City Creative.

Disc One

Side One

  1. X-Men '97 Theme
  2. The Summers
  3. Give Them the Forecast
  4. The Trial of Magneto
  5. Magnus the Savior
  6. Goodbye
  7. Mister Sinister
  8. In Hell
  9. Fight or Die 10 Remember Who You Are
  10. What Have You Done?

Side Two

  1. Fate of the X-Men
  2. Betrayal or Forgiveness
  3. Man vs. Machine
  4. Boss Battle
  5. Nightcrawler
  6. A Peaceful Life
  7. Trails of Love
  8. Busy Bees
  9. Invasion

Disc Two

Side One

  1. A Different Empire 2 Sisterhood
  2. Galactic Peace
  3. She's Back
  4. We Need You
  5. Requiem to Friends
  6. Break In
  7. Time Manipulation
  8. Fight for Yourself
  9. Bonding Time

Side Two

  1. Too Little Too Late
  2. Rising Up
  3. Sentinels Attack
  4. Metal Bends
  5. Inevitable Vision
  6. Bad Odds
  7. X
  8. You Hurt Me
  9. Rising Waters
  10. X-Men End Credits
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